A M Coombes Photography

Nov 29

Fiiiiiiiinally got these finished, after like, 2/3 months? Processed at uni and scanned on the Flextights (win by the way) as about 50MP RAWs, then put through Lightroom as 16bit tiffs. (LR doesn’t like .fff files and my Phocus is playing up. Anyone know how to convert .fff to DNG? I can’t even see the .fff in Phocus.) Very little processing, just slight curve and clarity tweaks and shitloads of spotting. I think I prefer Portra 400, especially for printing in the darkroom, there’s bugger all grain and it’s cast is nice and easy to correct.

I had to downsize these to 2000x2000 pixel images as the originals were too big to put on here. These versions are shit, doesn’t do them justice.

The first two where done on some old Fuji 160C at the Tate Modern and the bottom two where New Portra 400 on the Isle of Wight. All done with a Bronica SQ-A and 80/2.8

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